Our Goal

      Venmo simplifies money transfers between individuals, allowing consumers to pay back people in their networks for many reasons. During the design process, we identify some pain points through users testing and in-depth interview. Based on the research, we did the iterative design that improves the user experience around the transaction process. We hope we can redesign Venmo into an application that requires minimal cognitive load to do a bill transaction, that makes payments feel quick and easy, like sending a text message, that helps people feel in control of their payment experience, and give people the right amount of information at the right time.
      *Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Venmo. All logos and trademarks belong to Venmo. This case study was a hypothetical design exploration.*

      Project Information


          Redesign Porject @ Parsons


          Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2017


          Interface Design, Usability, Mobile App


          Cindy Guan, Cici Xiang


          Paper and pen, Sketch, InVision, Framer
          Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro

        My Role

        We worked together in most part of this project. We splited the visual design evenly, and helped review each other's work frequently.
        1. Conducted initial research including competitive analysis, online research, eleven semi-structured interviews with venmo users.
        2. Synthesized research insights and created personas and user journey.
        3. Analyzed Venmo's brand system, and designed an improved flow for sending and demanding in app.
        4. Designed and prototyped half of this project's visual assets. 5. Ran design feedback sessions and user testing with current venmo users, and iterated on the design.


      1. In-depth interviews with existing users
      2. Define persona & user journey map
      3. Identify pain points
      4. Iterate user flow
      5. Paper prototype & user test
      6. Refine prototype
      7. Final delivery (pitch video & Interactive prototype)


      Competitive Landscape

      Thanks to a variety of different apps and websites, it becomes easier to transfer money to others. However, Venmo doesn't have one feature "Splitting the bill" and it makes it less competitive. Apps like Plates, Splitwise has the function of splitting the bill. Plates is not connected to Venmo -- which requires quite a bit of brainpower (or a pen & paper, which people usually don’t carry around to restaurants) to remember exact charges for any party larger than 3, and Splitwise was not built with dining in mind (it is much more geared towards once-a-month type of situations, such as dividing rent, etc.). Given these shortcomings in the most popular money transfer apps on the market, I started thinking about how we can incorporate this feature into Venmo and make the money transaction easier for the user.


      User Journey


      Paper Wireframes

      Through analyzing current interactions between the 3 user groups, we defined 6 issues that we planned to address in our design. And we ideated the ideal flow accordingly.



      Based on the information architecture and the key user flows, we created a scenario which delineate how all types of persona transit money more easily.