Project Brief

Introduction to "Us"

"Us" is a group of pop art portraits of college students at Boston University, representing how the young generation begins to shine. Everyone shines in different ways, and no matter which country they come from, what color of skin they have and what dream they have in their minds, all students are learning, merging and blooming from each other. This set contains 11 illustrations, covering all the windows on the Warren Towers, 700 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA.

Potraits on Campus

Site Specific Art Installation

Project Information

    Display Duration

      May. 2015 - Now


      Installed by Seaport Graphics
      Supervised by Trish Reed


      Visual Arts, Window Display


      Camera, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

    My Role

    1. Conducted initial research including field observation, online research, assets gathering, creating pitch, demo to the school's administrative group.

    2. Synthesized research insights and created visual assets.

    3. Worked with City Planning Committee and designed the layout based on campus sign standards.

    4. Provided assistance for printing and installation

Target Audience

Who would look at this?

As significant content is, here are some questions about the scenario: “who would look at window display?”, “how does the window look in street view?”. With those 2 questions in my head, I did a lot of field study about the tower itself, about the street, about the people who are passing by.

My Process

Let's See What I Found in Field Study

      Environment and atmosphere matters

        People who pass by are mostly college students, but it is also one of the most congested street in Boston, so a lot of people drive by the building on daily basis. That makes me want to make something eye-catching but also blend into the lights, trees and pedestrians.

      Warren Towers is about students' lives

        The whole campus is built to encourage students to have a fulfilling college experience. Everyone can find so much more than just classes. Especially, the Warren Towers are the largest student residence on campus. It should represent a well-rounded life style of students.

      What goes into Comm Ave comes from Comm Ave

        Insipred by Maya Lin's Wave Field, I want to integrate my artistic touch on something from the site itself. That's why I choose to use students' headshots as the topic. That is also why I insisted to take photos of the students who were passing by the site.