Project Brief

Introduction to Frozen Sound

'Frozen Sound' is an interactive AR conceptual design project. It was a student project for Parsons School of Design - Design & Technology thesis project in spring 2018, guided by Mr.David Carroll, Director of MFA DT graduate program (2010-2013).


      Research & Ideation

        I did precedent research on tactile narrative. With the insights from research, I decided to create intervention of historical sound with a public interactive storytelling experience.

      Mechanics & Prototyping

        I chose AR and 3D printing as the main mechanics behind the concept. The prototype includes model design, scenario/scene design, and prototyping in Processing.

      3D Rendering & AR

        I 3D rendered the designed the shape of the sound waves in order to present the sound in spatial perspective. A video of that part of the history was displayed on phones using Augumented Reality developed by Unity.

The Vision

Connect To The Impact of Sound

Historical sites are often quiet and not interactive. But Augmented Reality creates spatial experiences akin to visiting a part of our history. They put you into the experience in a more immediate way and help people understand and relate to history. It’s vital to put these in front of visitors and start learning with them about how to tell the stories we’re trying to tell. We hope to then have an impact and create memories.

The Concept

An Interactive Public Monument

My concept is to design another way of story telling which is to create an unique object for these historical events. This project utilizes recorded audio to create a 3D shape, which can be printed out to serve as a memorial of those events. I also use Augmented Reality to project the original video of that event on the object, so that when people use phone to scan the object, they can look at the video comes from the original content. However, the video is silent, since people can imagine the sound by looking at the formation of the object.

The Design

Prepare Prototypes & Thesis Show




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