What and Why

Introduction to My 100 Day Design Challenge

I felt the need to fulfill my passion of interaction design, which I don't get to do a lot of them at work. I need a place where I can free myself from the company design system and serious business problems. Therefore, I immediately signed up when I saw someone else was doing 100 day project. I believe this project will allow me to explore many styles of interactions that only lived in my imagination, while expanding my creativity on a daily basis. Each piece was crafted with inspiration from that day of my life. Even though the project is still ongoing, all the work I created so far has met my expectations.

My Favourites

See the Pen (v2) Button - Hold to confirm (Accessible) by Cindy Guan (@cindyguan) on CodePen.

See the Pen FAB Menu Animation by Cindy Guan (@cindyguan) on CodePen.